About the Playbook

The Playbook is the product of the Victoria Summit 2021. It is a guide, not a concrete plan and the aim of this document is to be ‘living’ and to evolve over time. While the framework should remain stable, the actions undertaken now and in the future to achieve our vision of making Victoria the best place to live, learn, work and operate a business, will change over time.

The ideas developed as part of the Victoria Summit are ideas that we hope governments and other stakeholders will develop and bring to life to benefit Victoria. We have deliberately not defined them as final policy positions, allowing each Government, Opposition or political party the opportunity to adopt and shape them as part of their vision for Victoria.

We identified six overarching considerations to help guide the Summit process and formulation of the Playbook. While some pathways and actions explicitly acknowledge them, these overarching considerations should be considered when implementing every action to support a fair, inclusive and sustainable path toward the vision. 

We distilled stakeholder input into 10 pillars, 46 pathways and 189 actions that outline the bold activity required to set us on a path toward the vision. The 10 pillars – Business, Skilled, Sustainable, Wellbeing, Inclusive, Most Liveable, Innovative, Globally Competitive, Experience and Connected – represent the key areas where action must be undertaken across business and the economy, community, health and wellbeing and the future of work.

While the list of pathways and actions is extensive, we recognise it is not exhaustive and the wide-ranging ideas reflect the diverse group of stakeholders involved. Taking into consideration the evolution of the Playbook, the actions in this document typically have a shorter focus of 10 years.

We selected 28 of the 189 actions as priority actions due to the impact they will have in achieving the vision and unlocking the potential of Victoria. The priority list represents a mix of overdue and new actions. 

Some actions have been identified as more contentious, which reflects the robust debate, diverse views and differing levels of support within the Working Groups and have been marked with an asterisk (*). Not every action is supported by every stakeholder, including the Victorian Chamber, and the range of opinions also reflects the complexity of the task ahead. 

For brevity, only the top-level description of each action was included in the Playbook Summary (PDF). This website contains a full description of each action and the many ideas put forward to achieve each pathway; please see the Pillars section to read the detail on every action.

The Victoria Summit 2021 process highlighted the need for deep and respectful listening, meaningful collaboration, knowledge sharing and diverse perspectives to truly be effective in how we deliver outcomes for Victoria and Victorians. The five Plays in this Playbook aim to encapsulate this approach and keep it front and centre as we move forward and turn the ideas in the Playbook into action.

By putting the Plays into practice and aligning our effort, we will continue the spirit of the Summit process by working together to tackle the challenges and seize the opportunities facing Victoria now and into the future.