About the Summit

While the COVID-19 pandemic profoundly disrupted businesses, work and lives, it also created an opportunity to define a new vision and way forward for Victoria. This is not to suggest that Victoria was not already on a good path, but we must take stock of the lessons and opportunities that COVID-19 presented. It is not often that an opportunity to change the trajectory of a state presents itself, which is the foundation upon which the Victoria Summit 2021 was born.

The Summit was a unique opportunity for thought leaders from industry, unions, governments, the community and educational institutions to work together to create a shared, bold, compelling and aspirational vision for Victoria and a path for our state’s economic recovery and long-term prosperity. While powered by the Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI), the Summit is owned by the hundreds of participants who contributed along the way. 

The Victoria Summit 2021 focused on exploring three fundamental questions:

  • What is the vision for Victoria in 10, 20 and 30 years, richly described and aspirational but achievable?
  • What are the pathways to securing this vision? 
  • What actions are needed to ensure Victoria is on the path to developing and realising this vision?

These questions were the focus of three thought-provoking public events in 2021 – a Vision Day, a Pathways Day and the Voices of Tomorrow event – as well as discussion by the Reference Group and three invitation-only Working Groups.

The Reference Group also provided overarching strategic advice on the Victoria Summit scope, planning, implementation, engagement and activity. The Working Groups then developed and refined the Victoria Summit’s vision, pathways and actions using ideas and insights from the public forum days. 

It has been a momentous journey that has seen unprecedented collaboration across industry, unions, education institutions, community groups and government, culminating in more than 10,000 hours of work.

The path toward a brighter future has been defined, now is the time to create it. 

This process was all about creating a brighter, fairer and more prosperous Victoria for each and every one of us. A power of work has gone into it and I hope that our leaders will grab these opportunities with both hands and help make them a reality. They will certainly have the support of the Summit community to do so.”

Paul Guerra
Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry | Chief Executive