Victoria is the best place to live, learn, work and operate a business.

The Victoria Summit 2021 looked beyond immediate economic recovery to envision a bold future for our State. The overarching vision for Victoria is “Victoria is the best place to live, learn, work and operate a business” by 2050. Important decisions about the State’s future need to be made now and together. Our shared vision will guide those decisions so we can enjoy economic, cultural, social and environmental prosperity over the coming decades.

At its heart, the Playbook aims to unlock the potential of Victoria and all Victorians so we can achieve this vision. The Playbook will help continue Victoria’s transformation into a modern, highly liveable, resilient, inclusive, thriving and globally integrated economy and society.

The four elements of the vision – live, learn, work and operate a business – are inextricably linked. Promoting sustainable economic growth brings many benefits to all – more jobs, growth in trade and investment, improved liveability and higher standards of living, improved education outcomes, higher paid and more meaningful work, greater social cohesion and connection and enhanced environmental outcomes.

As a state, we have numerous strengths that can be leveraged and multiple challenges that must be addressed to secure a future characterised by renewed business success and sustainable and inclusive growth. We must act now to address challenges including: the skills of our workforce, the need for more secure and satisfying work, imposts holding back business expansion, jobs and innovation, barriers to improved liveability, individual wellbeing and community participation, the damage to our environment and the need for a stronger export culture and performance.

How we respond to these challenges as a state will determine our future, not only in the short-term but in decades to come. The future is in our hands and while we have a solid foundation, we must demonstrate leadership to ensure Victoria is the best place to live, learn, work and operate a business for current and future generations.


Victoria is an inclusive, supportive, empathetic and diverse community of connection, wellbeing and optimism.

All Victorians feel valued and included in society, enjoy a high standard of wellbeing and fully participate in the community and economy.

Victoria celebrates its unique strengths including our multicultural community, diverse landscapes and vibrant cultural and sporting events.



All Victorians embrace lifelong learning and can access quality education and training and contribute to the State’s economy and vibrant society. 

Victoria has a high quality, agile, future-focused and accessible education and training system that is a drawcard for students, teachers, researchers, innovators and investors.

Education and training institutions constantly evolve in response to changing student, industry and community needs.



All Victorians have meaningful and rewarding work and are supported in developing new skills or changing careers.

Victorian employers can tap into a highly skilled, agile and resilient workforce.

Victoria has an inclusive and accessible employment market where government, business and the community work together to ensure there are no barriers to employment.


Operate a business

Victoria is the destination of choice for businesses to start, grow and thrive and is the leading economy in Australia.

Victoria provides a competitive and supportive business environment that supports local businesses and attracts interstate and international talent and investment.

Entrepreneurs and innovators are celebrated and encouraged.

Victoria is a global leader and home to strong and prosperous industries.