Victoria Summit 2021 reveals vision for our state’s future

The Victoria Summit 2021 has completed the first step of its playbook with the release of its bold, new visions for the state. 

The Victoria Summit Reference Group has endorsed the visions to provide the overarching goals for the entire state of Victoria to work towards by 2050 following the Victoria Summit Vision Day on 6 August, where thought leaders from around the state came together in a public forum to help create the new path forward for Victoria. 

The visions fall beneath the three themes of Business and Economy, Community, Health and Wellbeing and Future of Work.

Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chief Executive and Victoria Summit Reference Group chair, Paul Guerra, said the release of the Victoria Summit visions will provide the basis upon which Victorians set our sights to live our best lives in an economically and socially prosperous environment. 

“These are the high-level aspirations created by our state’s passionate leaders across a broad range of fields, the next step is to establish the pathways for how Victorians can work together to achieve these visions,” he said. 

COVID-19 has wreaked havoc, but the future is in our control if we are deliberate about what we want, how we get there and what we need to do. That’s what the Victoria Summit is all about: it’s a collaborative and inclusive process for Victorians to map out where we want to be by 2050. 

“We owe it to both the current and next generation to be brave in our thinking on the opportunities Victorians can create as we emerge from the COVID-19 damage.” 

The Victoria Summit 2021 provides a unique opportunity for thought leaders from industry groups, unions, the community sector, governments, and educational and research institutions to come together to create a shared bold vision for Victoria and a path for the state’s economic recovery and long-term prosperity.    

Powered by the Victorian Chamber, the Victoria Summit 2021 will launch a playbook in February 2022 outlining visions, pathways, and actions required for Victoria to continue be the best place to live, work, learn and operate a business. 

The second phase of the Victoria Summit 2021 (September to November 2021) is to develop pathways to achieve these visions with the Pathways Day scheduled for 1 October 2021.