Victoria Summit 2021: building a bold vision for Victoria together

The Victorian Chamber is proud to present the Victoria Summit 2021 – an assembly of businesses, unions, universities, industry groups, community, cultural, sport and other thought leaders to shape the future of our state.

Talk to just about anyone and you’ll hear a common message – we should use the disruption of COVID-19 to create something better in Victoria, for everyone.

Going back to the way things were pre-COVID-19 no longer appeals, according to a recent Essential Research report.

78% of people believe the pandemic has exposed flaws in the economy and there is an opportunity to explore new pathways.

Having successfully navigated a year of extreme economic and social disruption, Victoria is presented with a unique opportunity to reset, look forward, and map out our future. At the Victorian Chamber, we want to capture that opportunity, and we want to do it in an inclusive way.

Through a series of forums, workshops and consultations across metropolitan and regional Victoria (both in-person and online), VCCI will facilitate the meeting of the most successful businesses, the brightest minds and the most influential bodies to come together and collaborate on Victoria’s pathways to progress.

While the captains of industry and the titans of the business world will have their input, the Victoria Summit 2021 offers a platform for all Victorians and their unique business interests – no matter their size, profit margins or industry.

From innovation and technology, to education and arts – the Victoria Summit 2021 will be based on inclusion, cooperation and engagement from all sectors across Victoria to direct the policies and priorities for a shared future vision over the short, medium and long-term.

Throughout 2021, VCCI will host and participate in a series of high-level forums to answer three questions:

  1. What is the vision for Victoria, richly described and aspirational?
  2. What are the pathways to achieving the vision?
  3. What actions by governments and others will put us on the pathway?

As VCCI Chief Executive Paul Guerra said on the front-page of The Age newspaper on Saturday: “One thing we have learnt through COVID-19, is the power of collaboration and we must continue on that trajectory.”

“We now have the opportunity to create a bold vision for Victoria. Where will Victoria be in 2030? Where will be in 2040? Where will we be in 2050? We have the opportunity now to set the vision for Victoria so let’s take that opportunity.”

Engagement from our members will be critical in this process and we want to hear from everyone. Once the Victoria Summit begins, all our members will have the opportunity to participate in consultations, surveys, round-table discussions and debate.

We will shortly be launching a dedicated website which will detail all upcoming events, discussion highlights and opportunities for contribution.

For more information on the Victorian Chamber’s current advocacy work and campaigns, government submissions and taskforces, visit the Policy and Advocacy section of our website.


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